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Getting serious about accurate time and times
#dfabhistory2day: For most of human history, precise measurement of time was not important. Our hunter/gatherer or farmer forefathers would get[...]
Time management tips
Gain control of your timeCreate a time log and fill it in each time you start and stop any activity.Take[...]
Two person 100-yard relays beating goal times x10
A set that we just did today. Have each get a partner for a 100 relay (2x50). Add their 50[...]
Mike White’s 7 x 100-yard test set with the first being the slowest but at 20% of lifetime best time.
Michael White posted on Facebook, a test set for age group swimmers.Swim, 7 x 100-yards free, from a push-off.#1 is[...]
Hourly work isn’t an ideal way to define productivity. Cutting the chains of time.
Using principles from hourly work to define productivity in knowledge work has resulted in highly inefficient—and sometimes unhappy—work conditions for[...]
6 x 100-yards on :05 rest, best effort
OperationsGet the total time. Then subtract the rest. The rest is 5-seconds times 5-times. The rest time is 25-seconds. Then[...]
60-minute challenge for distance, 50 swim / 50 kick (test set)
Test set with swimming and kicking takes one hourDo a 50 swim and a 50 kick. Then take 15-seconds rest. Repeat[...]
Terry Laughlin’s two test sets on stroke efficiency with descending 100s. See his article.
See the nice article elsewhere by the Total Immersion founder, Coach Terry Laughlin. His tip is to do 50s or[...]