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Article on Test Sets
Warm-up routine for clock awareness
by Bridger BellWe affectionately call it "the greatest set ever."In the first video you hear "30! 30!" and in the[...]
33 x 150s @ 2:05
Ian Quinn posted on Facebook's Swim Coaches Idea Exchange: Ian Quinn posted the photo and description with attribution.Had a fantastic, second[...]
4 x 4 in 48, running
David Goggins challenge.Run 4 miles every 4 hours in a total of 48 hours.This is Tucker Carter for finishing the[...]
Pulse Plots (text from Plum HS log)
Practice LogArm Swing Exercise RoutinePlum 50Swim S,W400/V300/JV200 +1 min rest +S,W4/V3/JV2 x 100 @ 10 sec. rest +1 min. rest[...]
Dave’s Pacer Test has a different twist
Source: Dave Calamari of New York stateI remember growing up having to do the pacer test in PE class where[...]
Coach Ralph Crocker & Steve Bigelow’s 200 Back challenge set
Source: Dick Hannula and the USA Olympic Swimmers Training Camp at University of Texas, post trials, prior to the 1988[...]
Kicking set: Jay Chambers’ Favorite
Keep times for the various distances, with and without a board. If you want something to improve, measure it. My[...]
Ten-thousand daily steps
10,000 steps MYTHFeature on Medium
Sprinters: 5 x 100-yards free on 2:15
Joe Plane I use the color chart system as well. However, I modified my test set for sprinters. We do[...]
4 sets of 5 x 200-yards on stepping intervals
Nancy Loveless Hinrichs posted: I also used Urbanachek’s step test which I felt gave a much truer assessment. Example: 4[...]