Hourly work isn’t an ideal way to define productivity. Cutting the chains of time.
Using principles from hourly work to define productivity in knowledge work has resulted in highly inefficient—and sometimes unhappy—work conditions for[...]
Jason P’s lessons on how to Step Up Your Spreadsheet Game
Thank you Coach Jason Pullano! As posted on the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange, a closed Facebook group.
6 x 100-yards on :05 rest, best effort
OperationsGet the total time. Then subtract the rest. The rest is 5-seconds times 5-times. The rest time is 25-seconds. Then[...]
60-minute challenge for distance, 50 swim / 50 kick (test set)
Test set with swimming and kicking takes one hourDo a 50 swim and a 50 kick. Then take 15-seconds rest. Repeat[...]
Time is everything, as per Mike Motor Bike’s quotes in his Clockwork book
Check out the tool kit from https://MikeMotorbike.com.Get the tool kit and read some of the book called Clockwork, by Michael[...]
Epic awakening: Timing is speed work in strength building programs
Excellent read:https://www.stack.com/a/this-is-the-single-most-important-part-of-speed-training-and-youre-probably-not-doing-it
Sprinters test sets from Greg Troy
Covered in another blog posting elsewherehttps://www.yourswimlog.com/gregg-troys-favorite-sets-for-sprinters/
Omega does first year of Open Water Swimming national event for USA Swimming
Omega, welcome to the open water events in 2019The finish line is watched with four high-speed cameras, each at 100-frames[...]
Listen at 12:35 for “Take your marks”
Wonder who is using the AutoCoach timing speakers and watch?An encounter with Australian swimming coach, Ian Pope, and a trip[...]