Speaker and carry case for AutoCoach
Speaker for AutoCoach travel kit with stop watch.

New presentation coming soon:

Speech-to-Text splash slide

The Murph, swim challenge set, Memorial Day
To our Men and Women who have served or are continuing to serve, we honor you with this effort and[...]
Relay Exchange Testing at Practices with exact reporting with AutoCoach
If you want to improve, measure it. Bad relay exchanges can lead to lost races, or worse, disqualifications.  
Swim Strong Foundation’s 100-second club
The 100-second clubThis test set is epic. It was shared by Shawn Slevin of the Swim Strong Foundation. Shawn has coached swimming in[...]
Rash of relay DQs due to Colorado’s RJP at CV
Article on Test Sets
Warm-up routine for clock awareness
by Bridger BellWe affectionately call it "the greatest set ever."In the first video you hear "30! 30!" and in the[...]
33 x 150s @ 2:05
Ian Quinn posted on Facebook's Swim Coaches Idea Exchange: Ian Quinn posted the photo and description with attribution.Had a fantastic, second[...]
4 x 4 in 48, running
David Goggins challenge.Run 4 miles every 4 hours in a total of 48 hours.This is Tucker Carter for finishing the[...]
Pulse Plots (text from Plum HS log)
Practice LogArm Swing Exercise RoutinePlum 50Swim S,W400/V300/JV200 +1 min rest +S,W4/V3/JV2 x 100 @ 10 sec. rest +1 min. rest[...]
Dave’s Pacer Test has a different twist
Source: Dave Calamari of New York stateI remember growing up having to do the pacer test in PE class where[...]
Coach Ralph Crocker & Steve Bigelow’s 200 Back challenge set
Source: Dick Hannula and the USA Olympic Swimmers Training Camp at University of Texas, post trials, prior to the 1988[...]