4 sets of 5 x 200-yards on stepping intervals

Stop watch shows splits in a bar graph
Watch can display a graphic chart of the splits. This is a photo of a 500 free swum at a high school meet by our super sophomore.

Nancy Loveless Hinrichs posted:

I also used Urbanachek’s step test which I felt gave a much truer assessment.

Example: 4 x 5 x 200-yards with one-minute rest between sets.

Descend the intervals per set by 5 seconds.

If on the last set, the swimmer can make at least 3 within the intervals that equals the threshold.

Example sendoffs:

  • Set 1 @ 2:25
  • Set 2@ 2:20
  • Set 3 @ 2:15
  • Set 4 @ 2:10

If the swimmer makes 3 then that gives a 1:05 threshold.

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By Mark Rauterkus

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