Rash of relay DQs due to Colorado’s RJP at CV

Watch can display a graphic chart of the splits. This is a photo of a 500 free swum at a high school meet by our super sophomore.


Tri Pace Calculator

Spreadsheet to enter pace on each segment and length of segment to calculate the total time for the Triathlon. Straightforward and clever spreadsheet. In the future, this should be something that could be done online in a web form. Get the zip file.

Weekly swim planning — a work in progress

Invite to a web utility for planning swim test sets.Changes are being deployed every day. Newest functions include.Ability to insert one summary note and ability to insert specific note for each day on the summary page.Days off Page 1 tips Page 2 Page 3 Begin by entering some emails addresses. (Not yet needed nor working.) Tag… Continue reading Weekly swim planning — a work in progress