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How important is Health Insurance in your job search?
Which swim software programs have you used before and what is your level of expertise with them? (Ex: Meet Manager, TeamUnify, etc.)
List any notable successful swimmers you have coached. (You can include notes about the swimmers’ events, times, how they placed, and their highest level of competition).
List the coaching positions you have had, including a brief summary of duties, responsibilities, and tenure. (If CV/resume sufficiently describes this, please attach to the end of this document and move on to the next question)
List any awards you have been selected for. (ex: Age Group COTY, COTY, Fellowships, Hall of Fame, etc.)
Were you a club swimmer?
Were you a high school swimmer?
Did you swim on a college / university team?
As a coach, who are your coaching mentors and role models? (Who you do you read? Who do you like to hear give talks? Who do you “talk swimming” with?)
What is your coaching philosophy?
What would typical yardage be for your Senior Group on a daily basis?
What would typical yardage be for your Age Groupers on a daily basis?
Do you integrate USRPT in your training? (Specify how much and when.)
How much technical instruction do you integrate in a practice?
What are the three most important components you think about when designing a swim practice?
Please identify the top 3 or 4 places you might be interestedin moving to if the right job was there.
Are there any specific jobs you would be interested in if they became open?
Would you ever consider coaching outside of the USA? What are the top places you'd consider?
What are some of your hobbies?
What is your LinkedIn page URL?