Stop watch shows splits in a bar graph

Stop watch shows splits in a bar graph

by Bridger BellWe affectionately call it "the greatest set ever."In the first


Ian Quinn posted on Facebook's Swim Coaches Idea Exchange: Ian Quinn posted the

runner with head lamp

David Goggins challenge.Run 4 miles every 4 hours in a total of

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Practice LogArm Swing Exercise RoutinePlum 50Swim S,W400/V300/JV200 +1 min rest +S,W4/V3/JV2 x

Dave C Pacer Test - text

Source: Dave Calamari of New York stateI remember growing up having to

Coach and backstroker

Source: Dick Hannula and the USA Olympic Swimmers Training Camp at University

AutoCoach race analysis chart
Coach at Clinic with other coaches
AutoCoach stop watch in hand