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This effort can flourish if you take the time and effort to offer your input. We need suggestions to the existing test sets, plus we want to grow the collection as well. 

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Triathlete set, 10 x 100s
Test set article from Swimming World
https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/9-test-sets-swimmers-love-or-hate-which-is-your-nightmare/?fbclid=IwAR2X4vouSYYrLOt4AsEslg1-8ZCFsNrNOCHBZO_nr8uBBhNVUiYUGLBMQ14 Wonderful comments.
North Texas Relay Challenge
Gilberto Junior of O2 gives a good insights on the North Texas LMSC Relay ChallengeEach person swims 50-yards in a[...]
Getting serious about accurate time and times
#dfabhistory2day: For most of human history, precise measurement of time was not important. Our hunter/gatherer or farmer forefathers would get[...]
Two person 100-yard relays beating goal times x10
A set that we just did today. Have each get a partner for a 100 relay (2x50). Add their 50[...]

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