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Including your staff in the counterattack offer.

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Your input is required
in the form that follows!

List of Steps

step 1

Research the name and email address for all of your staff.

You need to know your own staff, and they each need to have an email to be part of this program. If the person does not have an email address, they won't be able to access the Global Library for ISCA Members.

step 2

Fill out the form below.

Don't make typos. Double check your work.

step 3

Complete the form and hit the submit button -- BEFORE January 12, 2021.

In early January, the offer expires. People who want to join ISCA then can do so, but not with this counterattack offer.

Tier 3:

Form to including your team's coaching staff plus begin to gather invites to your other coaching friends.

Part 1 of a multi-part form:

Your Coaching Staff Details

Let us know who you are, (again). Thanks for sponsoring this counterattack membership.

What is the name of the team?
Address, City, State, Zip, Country

What type of team? Check all that apply.

Coaching Staff Information

It is good to know and input the names and emails of the coaches working with your team's staff. Form allows for up to 10 coaches on your squad's staff. If additional coaches are needed beyond 10, type their names and email address in the comment section below or email Webmaster-Team@SwimISCA.com. Okay to leave lines below blank if less than 10 additional are on the staff.

Members of your staff can also use your custom coupon and sign up themselves and pay $0. But, there is a ceiling on the number of coupons that can be redeemed.

After you submit the form

step 5

The website will generate an email to each person on your staff.

All the people on your staff get an email telling them of the new ISCA Membership. Your name is included. 

step 6

The website will generate an email to you as a summary for your records

You'll get notice via email of the people you included on your staff.

step 7

Talk about this offer with others. Do it quickly before the counterattack offer ends.

Let your friends know of this offer from ISCA so that they can benefit too. 

Point them to the landing page, https://Read.SwimISCA.org/counterattack