​​​​Show Prep for 2021 District 7 Swim Championships

Coach Mark Rauterkus offers color insights to the WPIAL Swim Championships

Your comments and insights should show up in the broadcasters' table at the WPIAL Championship meet.

Bad and Good News concerning 2021's WPIAL Swim Championships

Sadly, no fans are going to be attending. However, fans, supporters, parents, guardians and friends won't be sleeping out all night in the cold on the lawn outside of Pitt's Trees Hall to obtain bleacher tickets to the meet.  Plus, all four meets are going appear in a broadcast, with TribLIVE High School Sports Network, again. Four meets as there are AAA & AA meets with separate girls and boys sessions. 

Broadcasting Sponsorship for the 2021:

International Swim Coaches Association.

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ISCA and TribLIVE High School Sports Network are offering a $75 Buy One Get One PLUS deal that provides ALL the coaches on the team's staff an Annual ISCA Membership. ISCA memberships are generally $75 per individual. With this special offer, all of the coaches in the program get memberships.

We think this makes a GREAT thank-you gift for the coaches in your program. 

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